Michael Duni

Director | Film & Video

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Psychotria - Short Film

After a long night of clashes between a young couple on the cusp of parenthood, Jonathan reveals he never wanted the baby. This revelation sends him on a drug and alcohol induced trip down the rabbit hole in which he confronts his reluctance, his past, and his prospective future. Shot as one continuous take, prepare for a disorienting journey as you follow Jonathan into his dream. Presented at the Virginia Film Festival 2017.

Rima - 2019

Enveloped by obsessive compulsive disorder, Rima finds herself fragmented by hidden forces. Her world is slowly taken over by uncontrollable impulses, alternate personalities, and heinous actions. Rima must gauge whether to fight or accept her new reality. Follow Rima through her troubling onset of schizophrenia. 


Ekki Mukk - Narrative Music Video

Created for a Sigur Ros music video competition, this short film tells the story of the cycle we all endure from nature to childhood, to adulthood, to old age, and back to nature. As she ages, we see her begin life and treat with death, find love and feel heartache - and ultimately find happiness in life as one of mother nature's creatures.