Michael Duni

Director | Film & Video

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Podium: We create stories

There is an amazing amount of human connection that can happen in the interview space. Within all of us are dormant, untold stories. This video was a great opportunity to connect with some young people who have experienced a profound journey- and to create something entirely on my own. The Podium Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps youth learn writing and language skills at a level American public schools do not provide.


A short documentary filmed for a very important cause. Vulnerability is something men do not often speak about- yet it is the key to unlocking so many of life’s greatest questions, and in finding inner peace. Baldeep Singh Pooni combines his mastery in yoga and teaching to create a forum for openness and truth.

The King of Crimes - Feature Film

The King of Crimes is a feature film adaptation of the play by David L. Robbins about the treason trial of Aaron Burr in 1807 Richmond, VA. Vindictive leaders, executive privilege, and treason paint the story of Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and an empire divided. Shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, those who lived in the previously ungoverned territory had no loyalty for their new overlords, especially President Thomas Jefferson. These men were led by Jefferson’s political opponent and open adversary Aaron Burr. Tainted by his murder of Alexander Hamilton and fueled by a large grassroots following, Aaron Burr stands accused of plotting to float an army down the Mississipi, conquer Mexico, and claim himself a King. Allegedy. That is for one man to decide, Chief Justice of the United States John Marshall. This extensively researched piece explores what happens when our justice system collides with those who would make themselves King. A case study of the trial of the century, what went wrong, and the meaning of truth. Produced by The John Marshall Foundation in partnership with PBS station WCVE-TV, the film pushes the boundaries of broadcast plays to new cinematic heights. Aired April 18th on PBS. (Directed by Michael Duni, produced by Christina Garnett, director of photography Jason Parks, editor Jai Jamison.) IMDb

Psychotria - Short Film

In the fallout of a fight between a young couple on the brink of parenthood, Jonathan reveals he doesn’t want to be a father. After Jennifer paints him as a coward and leaves in the middle of the night, Jonathan punishes himself through a drug and alcohol induced trip down the rabbit hole in which he confronts his reluctance, his past, and his prospective future. Shot as one continuous take, prepare for a disorienting journey as you follow Jonathan into his lucid dream. Presented at the Virginia Film Festival.

Ekki Mukk - Narrative Music Video

Created for a Sigur Ros music video competition, this short film tells the story of the cycle we all endure from nature to childhood, adulthood to old age, and back to nature. As our young protagonist ages, we join her as she experiences new life, treats with death, finds love, and feels heartache.