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Podium: We create stories - 2019

There is an amazing amount of human connection that can happen in the interview space. Within all of us are dormant, untold stories. This video was a great opportunity to connect with some young people who have experienced a profound journey- and to create something entirely on my own. The Podium Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps youth learn writing and language skills at a level American public schools do not provide.


These are some recent works I created with Baldeep Singh Pooni. I filmed, directed, and edited these two videos, and one more I’ll post soon. A meditation on movement, mindfulness, and expansion, Baldeep takes a wholistic approach to whatever he does. His work teaches us that we are strongest when our body and our spirit are healthy, open, and aligned.

The King of Crimes - FILM - 2019

Trailer 1 and 2 now live! Watch below.

The King of Crimes is a feature film adaptation of the play by David L. Robbins about the treason trial of Aaron Burr in 1807. Produced by The John Marshall Foundation in partnership with PBS station WCVE-TV, the film pushes the boundaries of broadcast plays to new cinematic heights. Aired April 18th on PBS. (Directed by Michael Duni, produced by Christina Garnett, director of photography Jason Parks, editor Jai Jamison.) IMDb

Articles - 2018 - 2019

Recent local press about The King of Crimes adaptation.


For more information on The John Marshall Foundation and their mission.


Before the film, there was the play. A theatrical retelling of the Aaron Burr treason trial in John Marshall's court. An original play by David L. Robbins, directed by Michael Duni. Presented at the Gottwald Playhouse in Richmond Virginia from January 26th - February 2nd 2018. Starring Jasmine Shea, Foster Solomon, Andy Boothby, Darrelle Brown, Bill Blair, and Billy-Christohper Maupin. Stage direction by Lauren Langston.


The King of Crimes was presented as thrust, seating about 140 a night. Our minimalist approach was accommodating to the 6 actors playing 33 roles, and dozens of settings all over 1807 America. Our tools for telling this story: a two platform stage, an array of period costume and props, and 6 extraordinary actors. 


A Step out of History

A minimalist play is already asking a lot of the audience's imagination. So we embraced the opportunity of open-mindedness, to let our cast better reflect the America of today, not of 1807.


An Historic Theatre

The Dominion Energy Center is an 84 year old Richmond landmark containing multiple theatres and event spaces. The King of Crimes premiered in the Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse inside the Dominion Energy Center from January 26th to February 2nd, 2018.